Subscription-Based Consulting

Subscription-Based Consulting offers business owners a flexible model to achieve their
strategic goals with the help of nFLXn Point Group.

Subscription-Based Consulting

nFLXn's team of former Big 4 partners, Fortune 1000 business executives, and influential board members counts among them decades of client satisfaction. Keep nFLXn Point Group’s experts on hand to help you and your organization at a moment’s notice, no matter what
development stage you’re in.
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Consulting Subscription

  • Hire former partners and executives through nFLXn to provide high-end consulting expertise at a fraction of their standard full-time cost.
  • Subscription-based consulting is a very popular choice for small to mid-sized companies across many industries. Focus areas include:

    1. Marketing
    2. Finance
    3. IT
    4. Procurement
    5. Innovation
    6. Operations
    7. Human Resources
    8. Other functional areas

  • Learn how to best take advantage of these incredible resources for your company.
  • Leverage these services to take your company’s management team to the next level.
  • Cultivate your company with fractional executives to fast-track your growth and profitability.

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Create a more sustainable and profitable future for your business through
management consulting, strategic planning, and more by partnering with nFLXn today.
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