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Project Management
Business Growth & Scaling
Digital Transformation Migration
Business Model Canvases - by Strategizer ©
Value Proposition Canvases - by Strategizer ©
Operational Structure Assessment
Resource Procurement Strategies
IT Alignment to Business Strategy
Financial Pro Forma Models
Summa Caussa
Grant Writing
Feasibility Studies
Non-profit Specific Technology Advice
Staff Recruitment
Development Program Audits
Management Operations & Procedures
Campaign Counsel - Periodic
(annual & capital)
Building Communities
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Website Design /Development/ Optimization
Marketing Content Development
Value Proposition Workshops
Traditional & Digital Marketing & Sales Roadmaps
Media Management
- Earned, Shared, Paid, Owned -
Social Media Marketing
Go-to-Market Strategies
Public Relations
White-glove Marketing Plan Implementation
Affordable SaaS-based Solution
Supply Chain Disintermediation
Artificial Intelligence
No-touch/Self-driving/Smart/Fully Autonomous
Order Management
Warehouse & Inventory Management
Shipping Management
Reduce Operating Costs by up to 90%
Qualified Lead Generation
Corporate Sponsorships
Incentive and Reward Programs
Exec X
Leadership on Demand
Interim, Fractional or Projects
Workplace Offerings
Virtual, In-Person, Hybrid
Flexible Contracting Offerings
Traditional Placement, Hourly Blocks,
Per-Project, Modular Teams
Industry Focused or Agnostic
A new Disruptive and Patented SaaS-based Learning Platform
Learning without RETENTION is not learning!
RETAINED information drives better APPLICATION and Performance
Protects your Company against “Plausible Deniability`` claims
Self-authoring Platform
Marketplace for Monetizing Learning Points you Create
GovernX LLC
Board Assessments
Board Workshops
Governance Forensics
Director Recruiting
Governance Presentations and Panels
dilution minimization strategies

Strategic Partners

IT Infrastructure Solutions
Cloud Services
Application Development
Artificial Intelligence
Robotic Process Automation
IT Staffing
Branding & Graphic Design
Digital Marketing Services
Custom Software and Mobile App Development Services
DevOps Services
Staff Augmentation
M&A post-transaction Integration
for acquirers of
Lower-Mid and Mid-Size Businesses
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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