Business Planning & Execution

Consult our highly experienced Business Planning & Execution advisors to achieve your
business goals with the help of nFLXn Point Group.

Business Planning

for both for-profit and non-profit organizations

Outline a strategic plan for your entire business and its finances with a timeline for executing each step of the process.
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Business Planning Tools

Stay up-to-date with the business planning tools and processes taught today in the top business schools around the world with nFLXn’s team of highly experienced advisors, such as
  • Business Model Canvas – by Strategizer ©
  • Value Proposition Canvas – by Strategizer ©
Business Planning Tools
How resilient is your organization

How resilient is your organization?

  • Be prepared to rapidly adjust to unforeseen changes in budget, market conditions, and competitive economic factors. 
  • Strategize with nFLXn your contingency plans and disaster recovery policies.

Optimizing Corporate Governance

  • Are you getting the same level of VALUE from your Board of Directors as others do?
  • Is your Board of Directors adding SIGNIFICANT value, regularly?
  • Build the Boards your company needs with nFLXn’s guidance.

  • Learn how to use the new Corporate Governance Model
    (Developed by The Institute of Corporate Governance at the University of Texas at Dallas)
Optimizing Corporate Governance
financial modeling

Financial Modeling

  • Gain access to Financial Modeling tools robust enough for you to clearly see and support your company’s future.

  • With nFLXn, you will be able to

    • Make the best decisions for your business daily.
    • Understand the impacts of your alternate paths, be it Net Income, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows, ratios, and more.

Financial & Operational Analytics

  • Track your company’s progress with nFLXn’s customized dashboards

    • Get advice on how and what to measure right at your fingertips.

Financial & Operational Analytics

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